To continue our initial understanding of our brief me and Tim began to discuss various ideas to develop the brief. This was done by expressing ideas on a large A1 sheet that was cleanly presented. Firstly we focused on the TARGET AUDIENCE and the TONE OF VOICE we needed to communicate. Therefore we decided to develop a range of keywords such as FAMILY,BELONG,STRONG,LOYAL,FRIENDSHIP,STABILITY,PROGRESSIVE,SUPPORTED,INTEGRITY.
The wide range of words enabled us to develop our thoughts and continued to express further ideas relating to the formats we need to produce. In connection with this we also thought about the format in which the material would communicate. This involved using step,bystep process, 10 point system or the use of our keywords. Many of these ideas were directed towards the first requirement that involved a idea for a direct mail piece. To inspire ourselves initially we wrote down a series of things which would assist us in developing ideas. These included websites such as CAMOFLAGE.MOD.UK, LEAFLETS, PICTURES OF THE ARMY AND BOOK DESIGNS. Lastly to conclude our opening discussion on the brief myself and Timothy overviewed our initial idea on the 10 step process A5 booklet for the direct mail piece.

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