To develop our thoughts further we began to discuss the graphical elements involving the design and format of our mail order piece. This mail order design idea needed to be effective in creating a linkarage, similar to our previous workshop that looked at CLASSICAL CONDITIONING. The actual design of this mail order piece needed to act as bell to attract interest in the online website. Therefore me and tim discussed our previous methods such as the ten point system, keywords and step by step. By focusing on such methods it helped us to visualise a range of ideas that were comprehensive and suitable for the final piece. Below i will state the range of initial ideas we had regarding the mail order piece. 

1. A5 Booklet ( Portrait View) - 10 point system 12 page booklet pocket size 
mainly image based, using number system various typographical words and quotes etc 
straight forward approach, use a modular system grid for typography 
very similar approach to my dangerous men design thing.. 
finally last pages will have one personal profile and possibly a typographic page which will warn you. 
using this system will enable the viewer to capture a glimpse of The Army and therefore go on the online thing 
MAIN INTENTION: PROMPT THE VIEWER ETC , Similar approach to other things colleges send to school such as prospectus's 

To develop this idea of a mail order piece will also looked at the idea of a A5 leaflet landscape format. This is similar to a recent leaflet i recieved from a university. We felt that this idea could continue a box idea which displays 8 pictures of Army recruits. With this we were going to combine some quotes with the images to have a impactful look. 
After developing some initial ideas on our large A1 sheet we decided to research further before we decided to visualise more ideas. 

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