After overviewing ideas myself and tim both went onto wikipedia to find some literal information on the Army. The reason for this was to understand the context behind the Army and also the history behind it. This provided us with more knowledge that would relate  to our brief and further designs.
Below i will present various bits of research that will assist our project. 

The British Army is the land armed forces branch of the British Armed Forces. It came into being with unification of the kingdoms of England and Scotland into the United Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.The new British Army incorporated Regiments that had already existed in England and Scotlan and was administered by the War office from London.Since 1963 it has been managed by the Ministry of Defence. As of april 2007, the British Army includes roughly 101,310 regular personnel and 38,460 Territorial Army members.The full time element of the British Army has also been referred to as the regular Army since the creation of the reservist Territorial Army in 1908. The British Army is deployed in many of the world's war zones as part of both Expeditionary Forces and in United Nations Peacekeeping forces. The British Army is currently deployed to places such as Kosovo, Cyprus, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places. 

The above information is vital to understanding what the Army is and how they operate. Also i discovered more facts that would possibly be useful for our design. This fact based information will assist are accuracy when producing some mock ups etc ..

Statistics British  Army 
Personnel ( Regular Army ) - 107,730
Personnel ( Territorial Army)- 38,460
Air Defence - 300 
Aircraft - 334
Main battle tanks - 386 

Also looked at how the Army is structured etc 
The structure  of the British Army is complex, due to the different origins of its various constituent parts. It is broadly split into the Regular Army (Full-time soldiers and units) 
and the Territorial Army9 part -time soldiers and units).In terms of its military structure it has two parallel organisations, one Administrative and one Operational. 
The Army mainly recruits within the United Kingdom, and normally has a recruitment target of around 25,000 soldiers per year. Low unemployment in Britain has resulted in the army having difficultly in meeting its target. 
The minimum recruitment age is 16 years(but only after the end of GCSE's), although soldiers may not serve on operations below 18 years; the maximum recruitment age was raised n jAN 2007 from 26to 33 years. The normal term of engagement is 22 years, and normally not permittted to leave until they have served at least 4 years. 

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