After researching into the basic fundamentals of the army, i decided to focus on looking further into the target audience and other websites that offer information to 16+ men and women. Therefore i typed CAREERS IN THE ARMY into google search and discovered the Connextions website that offers assistance on post 16 decisions. Below i will copy the infomation provided to me on the website. By using this information it will enable approach my mock ideas in a confident and accurate manner. 

There are loads of different careers within the British armed forces, to cater to a whole range of skills and qualifications. So if you are considering your future career options, a job in the british army,this may of interest to you. 

The British Army 
The ARMY offers a wide choice of careers , so whatever your skills or qualifications, you might be able to find something that suits you here. 

Careers offered by the army can be split up nto a few main categories. 
- Combat 
- Engineering
- Logistics and support 
- Intelligence 
- IT AND Communications
- Medical 
- Music and Ceremonial 
- HR and Finance 
also, their is many diverse jobs such as Dog Trainers, Chefs, Mechanics,Electricians, vets, plic officers and psychologist

even if you dont have the qualifications for the career you want to pursue a career in, THE Army provides a education service within the forces to allow you to achieve this career aim. 
It also offers many additional service after GCSE'S such as further education. 

The information presented on this page will help me to understand how my final design will communicate this effectively in the right format. To extend the intial range of ideas, i will post my next step of ideas from my A1 sheet thing. 

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