trying to refine our direct mail thing and also online outcome etc  
After discussing my initial ideas with tim, that include the leaflet and a5 booklet, we decided to try and link it into a front website design. Our first intention was to create a website design that involved being incredibly interactive and very action based. Therefore we came up with three website design ideas that included using video as a main feature. These three website designs included using a ten point system  that had ten videos which simply explained many questions about the Army. Our Second idea was to use 10 boxs that were only image based and still remained to have various videos attached to them. Lastly the third idea included the use of a contact film strip that was enlarged and we were going to make it scroll to a menu that was based around keywords. This menu would be multi coloured so it would comply to this simple understood style. Its relation to this interactive system that followed points would complement the tone of voice needed to communicate. By using a interactive feeling throughout the website would possibly appeal to this kind of audience because its more hands on and therefore communicate a true reflection of The Army. In addition the clear communicative style would possibly appeal to the viewer more because its straight forward and to the point. 
To try and focus more on the initial mail order design firstly we refined our initial designs and came up with a series of other graphic designs. These included using POSTCARD WALLETS THAT WERE PACKAGED INTO CONTAINERS, BADGES, STICKERS, FOLD OUT A3 POSTERS SECTIONED OFF, BOX PACKAGING SMALL SHAPE THINGS, PEFORATED BOOKLETS FOLD OUT AND RIP OFF INTO SMALL CARDS VERY MILITARY STYLE AND LASTLY DVD DESIGNS. WITH THIS WE LOOKED AT OTHER OBSURE THINGS SUCH AS NOTEBOOKS WITH FACTS ON, DOWNLOADABLE SCREEN WITH CLIP SHOTS SEND TO SCHOOLS ETC AND EMAIL BANNERS. With the range of these mail order ideas we listed many advantages and disavantages that these ideas encountered. Both me and tim were majorly pleased with our progress at the current moment, we intend to analyse and develop these ideas further including the link to the website piece. We have discussed whether what format we need to use to create a interesting campaign. Finally at this current moment the DVD FORMAT AND A5 BOOKLET AND ALSO THE PEFORATED BOOKLET APPEARS TO BE THE MOST PROBABLE OUTCOME FOR THE DIRECT MAIL PIECE. To follow up our progress on thursday we spoke to Bob and he encouraged us to go down to a army careers place to pick up further examples of their current material such as booklets etc. I will explain my further progress on my next post after my trip down to the careers place with tim.

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