Part B:

This is a Liberal Democrats party election advert poster. Its intention as a political advert is to display the best reasons for voting their party at the next general election. The advert has cleverly compared their ideas to the current government Labour to state why their more suitable as a leading government.By using this tactic it has immediately stated a common political trait within most party election posters.

Interestingly the designer has used many graphical characteristics to put a strong message forward.Firstly, the poster consists of a large background image that strikingly communicates the leaders importance on these views. In addition the typography is used effectively in certain positions to clearly state what their trying to say to the viewer.As well, the contrast between various sizes of text and thickness assists the poster effectiveness. Lastly colour has been applied in largely black and white, to cleverly distinguish vital sections to the poster such as the Liberal Democrat logo and also the comparison between Labour and Lib Dem.On the whole  many of these devices works with effect graphically and visually has aesthetic appeal but also clear understandable content.

Finally the posters main element is the ten points that put across their ideas of running our country. This is most possibly the infomation that will sell the advert to the viewer. 

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