Contrasting to the previous advert, i have chosen a more simplified version of political advertising. Within this billboard advert, the Labour party have intended to broadcast the change of power after Tony Blair's rein. Its clean cut approach is effective in saying who is the new prime minister in a perceptive way.The combination of image and text has been used to full effect within this advert. Gordon Brown pose appears to look like he is just about to do his final button up  before he commences his control of our government. Its a interesting pose that suggests this idea in a canny format. In connection with this, the typography has been positioned to the centre, with his pose to create a centralised structured feeling, resembling the possible governments control.Many of additional features such as colour has been applied conservatively to not misjudge the viewer. 

The advertiser's main selling point is the message that words can enforce on others in our country. Hopefully it can simply pass on a clear view on our government minister.

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