This billboard is a Labour party awareness advert that is raising the issue about the increase of taxes by the conservatives.The purpose of this is to display how the labour goverment will improve the state of British taxes if they are in control of goverment. Its impacting style emphasises the word TAX to communicate a strong message effectively.Throughout the advert design, the designer has applied many graphical features to create a overall striking feel.Firstly the use of typography is the most effective device used within this advert.It has been used in a striking manner that is bold, blocky and importantly easy to read clearly.In addition, the letter A has been replaced by a warning road sign. This is a deliberate feature to present it metaphoricly, expressing the idea that you should be warned off the conservative government ideas. Moreover, the use of colour within this advert is extremely simplisitic and therefore shows that the Labour party are clean and precise as a governement. The contrast between the black text and the white background is a massively effectie device used to only draw attention to the words.

Finally the crucial part that sells this advert is the use of words inside the warning sign, that justifies Labour intentions towards tax. In my opinion this is a prime example of political advertsing that uses bias comments to decieve the viewer.

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