The poster to the left is a conservative party awareness advert that is expressing their digust with the decisions of the recent election idea. This poster illustrates a connection with halloween night and how Gordon brown played all trick, and no treat because of his decision regarding a early election date. Obviously, the purpose of this poster is to show how the Labour government has no truth when it comes to words. Within the design it appears to continue this horror style with the use of colour and loose typography. The dark black background colour contrasts largely to the bright green typography to make a strong impact with the words. Interestingly, once more they have removed the letter O, and replaced with the head of Gordon Brown to clearly illustrate who is problem behind this all. Additionally the layout of the large words decends down in a diagonal format trying to create some comprenhension when reading. On the whole, this example is a perfect design that uses many graphical features to create effect.
Lastly, the unique selling point is the use of words once more, a strong technique used in political advertising.

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