The image to the left is a advertising campaign by NHS, that focused on the subject of smoking towards men A main issue involving this advert was the damage that smoking caused to men's penis's. This was successfully emphasised with the impacting image that looks at this important issue. The imagery used presented the men's penis with a smoked down cigarette. By using this style of imagery was effective because it communicated both issues of smoking and damage to men gentialia at the same time. On the other hand it immediately shocks the viewer with a fearful message that warns men to understand the effects of smoking.

The various elements within this design are simplistically layed out to deliberately enforce a strong message. Firstly the use of imagery is used to its limits to create a overall presence on the viewer. Moreover additional typography is scaled down to a limited size to simply communicate a structured message. The combination of these two methods works to full effect in terms of fearful advertising because it concentrates largely on image rather than text.

Its overall selling point is the use of shocking imagery that communicates this horric message.In my opinion, the overall impact of this poster works successfully due to the digusting image. Also, with speaking to others about this particular advert they commented on how it made them feel.

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