I refined my ideas from the large A1 sheet and decided to take forward around three strong ideas. On this post i will note down the three ideas i will develop. This was noted down on a another a1 sheet.

Before i note down ideas, i also wanted to take further my ideas by researching more graphically into Typography( Alan Kitchen), and other fact based information.

1. use the idea of typography , the bottle and the use of environment together, punchy design. The bottle would come out of ground but using typography in the shape of the bottle, then actual bottle appear, words pour into bottle and person would pick up bottle drink goodness whilst various random thigns would enlighten the environment. then the person sees a ray in the ground and places the bottle on the ground whilst it decomposes,at the end the rainbow style logo appears in the sky , and the u+ belu water = earth, simple equation..

2. Walking thing, person walking along countryside path thing, whilst drinking people notice belu water bottle and begin to follow form of embrace, then reaches a tree shaped like a belu bottle represent growth, when person finishes with bottle inserts into tree and things pop out of the tree celebrating stuff

3. Develop fluid liquid style, using flowing text in a particular location around various figures global cultural link,text pours out of ground.

4. exchanging of bottles between different cultures, hand by hand look close camera thing, clip shots

5.idea of swirling bottle in a random location, with various things flying off the bottle. firstly bottle grows out of ground.

The range of ideas above will once more refined and developed through mock-ups etc
possibly i could incorporate soe form of journey//

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