After researching into various brand websites and also other sources, i have discovered a range of images that reflect the current trend in bottled water advertising. For example most brand designs appear to use simple light tones such as blues and ignore any other colour to distinguish itself.Most importantly brand's such as Evian use advertsing techniques to attract itself to the viewer. On this post i will present a series of three designs that show diversity in image,style and message.

The particular advert posted on the left, clearly illustrates the use of classical conditioning. This is because the designer has used an attractive female figure to create some form of appeal. By using this technique it adds a sentimental quality to the advert. Additionally metaphorically the water is represented as good enoug hfor the woman because she is showering in it. On the whole, this is a effective consumerable image that could inspire possible ideas for the belu tv ad concept. On the next post i will present more adverts related to bottled water.

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