Following my research,i chose to refine one of many ideas for the final viral video design. The decision to select this idea was to create a cult feeling amongst the public and a form a chain reaction. The idea involved using a simple character such as business man and a idea to create some form of journey leading up to the final clip. Firstly the man is reading a newspaper and a  splash of peri peri sauce lands on his page. After this the splash of sauce spreads out into the air and a series of words travel up into the sky. This typography style will resemble the layout they use in their restaurant . Moreover, the business man begins to follow this travelling array of words and begins to create a following because the words are releasing a warm aroma. Therefore the group of people begin to follow this travelling thing whilst it expresses pictorial messages and other flying things related to the nando brand. The travelling words reach the centre of town centre where the business man and the group meet the chicken chief who offers them an acceptance into the nando party. This particular chief person gives them a wishbone necklace and a heart shaped stamp on their hand. When they join the party/ gathering , their is an enormous sculptural chicken with is worshiped spiritually by everyone. This will create a humourous feeling throughout the video. Fado music will be playing also and a heavily Zulu themed look. Finally to conclude the video a gigantic splash of peri peri sauce lands on the chicken top from a birds eye angle and everyone will embrace it. 

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