After collecting my ideas together, i still felt the ideas were too limited and didn't have enough depth to hit the viral sweet spot. Therefore to improve my ideas i researched further into actual viral videos from the Nando brand and other videos. By looking at these videos it gave me a sense of how the viral thing needs to deliver. Currently my approach to the projetc has been too literal, and struggled massively to find a answer which is unique and exciting.Speaking to Dan, was benefical because it advised me on the way the project needs to be approached. We discussed various things involving the target audience and how the video or game can relate to the young at heart.Dan gave me some interesting to links to enhance my ideas further, these included a low-cost music video on youtube and some projects from a book called GRAPHIC 12. On this post i will present one of videos that Nando released in SOUTH AFRICA.This particular video above was a advert for nando that used a boxer cleverly to sell their product . Successfully the story draws the viewer in and engages them in a energetic way. The use of format is entirely different to many of my ideas because it draws away from the Nando brand thing and captures the audience in another way. Certain comments and the chilli on the glove is an innovate way of approaching a viral video. This illustrates a perfect example of viral advertising that hits the sweet spot.

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