To finalise my initial research on presentating the material in my campaign i will show around 3 images that look at powerful photography to create a impact. An important factor of the first piece is to make an appeal on the viewer. By using photography it will attract the audience and encourage them to look further into the subject. The examples i have scanned concentrate on various techniques and emotions it portrays. This relates back to the keywords i posted before such as LOYAL, FAMILY AND INTEGRITY. Above i have selected three images that represent variosu things within the army. Firstly, the image on the left represents training ad would be suitable to prompt the viewer how it exactly is. As well, the COMBAT image visualises a true picture of a team in action and illustrate a feeling of strength and togetherness etc. Lastly the profile picture shows a side to the army that is independant and self resourceful. Having a range of these images within my mail order piece would show the viewer major things people experience in The Army. On the whole the entire range of these scaned images will help me and tim to progress in our final campaign ideas. 

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