Overviewing the range of the scans from our collected material. This particular example came from a book cover of a magazine looking at various careers within the Army. I Chose to post this example because it has many graphical features that could be influencial i nthe production of my mail order design. Firstly the photograph represents the Army successfully but visually works also because it simple and not too complexed. The imagery used on the front cover would probably be similar to the design idea i have for my mail order piece. It has various qualities such as positioning,colour and meaning that would be perfect for including into the mail order design. Moreover the typography appears to be blocky, bold and textured with a interesting surface. The style of the typography is a great example of what would be effective for the initial mail order piece. This would recreate a true visulaistion od what the army means. Also the colour and positioning of the text at the bottom has been applied with a graphical touch, with will be needed for my idea. I intend to take these elements further and create a campaign that is impressive graphically. Lastly using research scans such as this one has made me more aware in how i need to present my design but also communicate it in a way which isn't too designed. 

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