Following the trip down to the careers office, we gathered up all the material collected and scanned in various things that would enhance our project. Many of our scans include bookovers, layouts, photos and packaging things. Additionally the DVD we were given will be hopefully watched to gain more info etc. Below i will present the scans we did on thursday. 
FIRST BOOKLET SCANNED ETC: Interesting format, mainly aimed towards similar age group of 16+ ,also uses personal profiles to enforce their message. We scanned front and back to show various styles and formats used currently etc. The front cover on this booklet uses strong powerful images of current recruits to create a sense of belonging to the viewer. Throughout our discussion we spoke about the use of image and how it will create a effective communicative message. Additionally the use of text is punchy clear and straight to the point ad is perfect critical link for our mock up ideas. The use of black isn't complicated and can be used with image and text etc. 

The back cover is interesting because it uses a colour coded system to present the different workforces within the ARMY. By using this link it relates massively to our keyword system. Most possibly we could enhance this system and combine it into our keywords or number thing. Looking at this booklet has raised many more ideas and is a important link to the development of my ideas. 

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