Possibly this poster design fits into the category of compassionate advertising because its symphasising with the pimps,hookers and drug dealers. This poster was designed by Burger King to advertising their new opening hours, therefore creating a striking message. Its initial intention is to raise awareness of how their corporation provides service for everyone including less looked upon people. Within the design of this poster it only uses typography to form a message. The typography used is clear, neat and sharp style and is slightly disformed to possibly create a typographical image of uncoventional living etc. Also the side of pages appears to have that raw photocopied quality that possibly may represent rough living. Its black and white appearance continues to follow this design style that resemebles the lifestyles of such people.Symbolically the graphic design in this advert is used to full effect to capture a true visualisation of what they are saying. Lastly the black may symbolise night time also and that they are opening later at night time. 

Overall it presents many canny features that overcomes a powerful message to others. At the same time it informs them of their opening hours also. 

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never seen this one before...weird stuff, but a good analysis of course ;)

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