This particular example focuses on the intent of compassionate advertising, on the giving of charity.It was a poster for the Save The Children that informed others that their help was beneficial to the children of the Rwadian Genocide.Its intention as a informative poster was to communciate effectively how their help affected the crisis. This poster has a appearance that is more graphical than the other examples and must of used some form of designing software. By using this approach the poster works more successfully as a design because its straight to the point in a clear manner. The designer has incorporated the recognisable man and woman symbol to be universally understood. Additonally the large amount of connecting wires is used to represent the word REUNITE. In addition the striking colour colour has been used to create a contrast that is aesthetically pleasing but also effective in displaying the pictorial information. The choice of typography is unusual but has been coloured in bold white to outstand from the other details on the page. On overall its graphically works as a compassionate form of advertising. 

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