To finalise my research on compassionate forms of advertising i decided to look at a poster design that promoted charity.This advert poster was designed for the Save The Children  organisation and was intended to promote a better life for children in less economically developed countries.The format of the advert predominately focuses on the picture of the child and therefore creates a instant message straight away. This is incredibly deceptive because it draws you in and makes you think of that child with sympathy and care.Its main presentation structure is built on a simple level that is standardised and simple to understand. The overall impact is the red colour that has been applied to create a sense of warning that can be seen from far away. Additionally the typography used within this piece is clean cut and contrasting to the red background. Most obviously this layout has been carefully layed out to convey a message that is delivered to a purpose. On the whole its a effective graphic poster because it uses various signs to appeal to the viewer compassionately

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