The image to the left was a example of persuasive advertising to promote Halifax's new bank card. It's intention was to inform others about the benefits of their new card if you purchased one. Additionally the format of this design is intended to be loud,striking and create a visual impact. The details presented in the advert are positioned in a overly emphasised way to form a instant connection to the viewer. Throughout the structure of the advert it has carefully layed out the use of image and text effectively. It uses the image in a imposing way to present the card in a persuasive manner. The woman's pose suggests that the card should be yours and therefore apply for one now. In addition the use of typography has been used in upper case to impower the information and to communicate the message clearer. Interestingly the most important information has been emphasised in a darker orange to put across the information that will sell the product. Its clever use of typography works successfully because it visually shows what the card does using impressive facts such as PLUS CASHBACK ON PURCHASES. The overall impact of this advert successfully delivers a message that deceptively persuades us , due to its use of factual information.

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