To continue my look on the use of persuasion advertising i looked at a recent advert which was for a new mobile phone. The actual poster was a prompt style advert which made people aware of the new i- phone being sold at the O2 store. Its main purpose was to persaude people to buy the i - phone at the actual 02 store on the 9th of November. Moreover the advert used two methods to capture the viewers attention. Firstly the use of persuasive words is a main focus point to the advert because it creates a connection between viewer and advert. The reason for this is down to the words and how they make you enagage in a action. Furthermore the centralised image of the i-phone product clearly illustrates a visual form of persuasion. It's impact immediately interests the viewer because it clearly presenting the product to our eyes.

The main selling point of this advert is the use of product image and how it instintively attracts us.

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