The image chosen explores the idea of emotional advertising differently. This actual advert was for the NSPCC focusing on the cruetly of younger children. Its intended approach was to simplistically raise the issue that many kids were unwanted and treated in a unacceptable manner. The actual message has been communicated through typography rather than image and therefore is different to the previous adverts looked at. Surprisingly it remains to express a clear bold message with just words. In my view its clever in its use of location, because it appears as the child is looking at his wall whilst the parent is shouting outside or something. Additionally the advert doesn't appear offensive or too shocking due to the location and action that is visualised in the image. The use of typography is extremely clear, rounded and represents that this message is meaningful towards the particular child. Emotionally, it grabs almost everyone because it clear and expresses what difficulty kids face. Its major importance as a form of visual communication is the careful selection of words that affect the viewer and myself in particular. On the whole, this advert illustrates how words can affect us massively

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