Looking back to the previous example, this example uses  emotional advertising differently. This particular image was a promotional campaign by Nokia to promote their new mobile phone the 5210. The actual image was taken from a clipshot of the television commercial they released around four years ago. Personally i felt this example looked at creating emotion to the viewer differently. The reason for this was because it looked energetic, youthful and mostly importantly engaging to see visually. It's joyful appearance is easily visible due to the figures jumping around in a pleasant area of green grass and bright blue sky. In addition, the spray of water also indicates a sense of excitement and how the phone may possible let that happen to you. The main purpose of the advert is to show the opportunities this mobile phone can provide. Its action packed style communciates a hidden message that the phone has many features that will enable you to explore and enjoy. This approach is effective and works differently to similar phone adverts, because it involves the viewers attention through a narrative etc. 

The actual appearance of the advert is image based and focuses mainly on the pose of the figures and what thats trying to convey to the viewer. Also, the use of typography has been coloured in heavy white to contrast against the blue. By applying this feature it seperates the text and image successfully. Lastly the odd looking shape object in the background provides a added edge to the picture which mystifies the viewer. In my opinion it maybe might represent that the phone will offer you opportunities you've never seen before. 

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