This  advert displays many various elements that uses emotion to sell a product. The image is a poster for the newly released fragrance for men and women from Ralph Lauren. Within this advert it uses three basic elements that represents the relation to emotion. Firstly the use of emotive words such  as romance relates to this emotive feeling. Additionally, the pose between the two models continues this overall romantic feeling and also the two bottles at the bottom of the page continues this togetherness feeling. The overall presentation of this page, has been cleverly constructed to create a balanced feeling that is sentimental. Throughout the layout of the page, the designer has incorporated a traditional format because of the portrait view and the viewing eye to go from top to bottom. Additionally the entire advert has been coloured in a soft, delicate tone to complement the overall presence which is romantic and loving. By doing this it has created a visual look which is impassioned and directed towards appealing to a viewer emotionally. Various other graphical features such as the typography has been used in a upper case format that looks classic and clean. The impact of these features have also been used to represent the fragrance mostly but also communicate a strong message to other about the Ralph Lauren label. 

On the whole this advert is a perfect example for emotive advertising and its appeal to sell products. The feeling in which it creates envisions what the fragrance will make you feel like. 

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