The image to the left was a concerned advert by Safer Scotland to raise the issue of domestic violence in homes. Its intention was to create some ease with others who are involved in such situations. Additonally it also gave confidence  to others to speak out about people they know who are involved in such cases.The format of the advert is mainly image based and is presented in a way which is bold and striking to see. Throughout the sentence at the bottom which states DON'T KEEP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS relates to the use of front door numbers. By using this method of layout relates to the words CLOSED DOORS and therefore is easy connection to the message and the image. A major format which i found within most adverts uses a linkerage between image and text to create a coherent message. The overall impression of the advert links successfully to the message and speaks out in a loud manner. It's use of different colour creates an aesthetic appeal which would attract most people. On the whole, this example is most possibly engaged in more understandable way to the other three . 

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