Continuing my focus on the effects of concerned advertising i looked at another advert poster that looked at issues involving our environment. This advert poster design was created by the  Greenpeace organisation to clearly raise the issue of British Airways answer to climate change. Its intention is to simply present a clear message in how British Airways planes are damaging our climate levels. Effectively this has been presented in a way which visualises the planes fuel fumes polluting our air, therefore contributing to our dramatic climate change. By showing the two planes in progress evidently presents the issue that BA is harming our environment. Moreover, the major importance in this advert is the use of words which assists us in understanding what the planes are about. This links back to a previous advert that uses various signs to communicate the entire message. The poster has applied this message in a manner that doesn't alienate others, but just informs us on the effects of transport such as planes. 

To successfully put across this message the design has been carefully thought out to not confuse the viewer. The silouhette style v shape with the planes drifting off presents a normal iew of planes flying when we look up at the sky. Once more by incorporating this into the design somehow creates a relation between the viewer and image. Additionally, the style of typography has been used in a way which is soft, clear but punchy. It has so much power with just the words it doesn't need any other effects such as bold outline etc, to emphasise its meaning. On the whole, this advert is an effective piece of concerned advertising that also uses propaganda to enforce its message. 

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