To begin this image was a poster campaign for the government organisation Recycle. It's intention was to raise  concern on the decreasing amount of recycling in our country. This poster consisted of three others adverts that focused predominately on the landmarks of London. The reason for selecting London landmarks was to recognisibly appeal to the viewer clearly. By using such buildings many others can relate to it and therefore appeal to them more. Its overall approach combines both surrealist imagery and concerned words to capture some kind of message. The overload of landfill rubbish overlaying the Thames indicates a subliminal message to others that in due time our country will run out of space until we begin to act on it. By incorporating a concerned message with a actual visualisation of what could happen, effectively communicates a strong and directive message . 

The poster design uses many traditional elements of layout due to its portrait format and combination of image and text. But interestingly the typography created by the designer appears to be hand cut and possibly could  represent a eco friendly approach to design. Anyhow, the overall presentation of the page is serious in its manner and doesn't use many designed features to create a visual understanding. It's main purpose is to immediately warn the viewer of consequences involving the issue of recycling. On the whole, by using a question as the main focal point allows the advert to remain in people's minds because its telling us something that we need to respond to. 

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