Contrasting to the two previous examples this form of endorsement advertising takes its approach to a different level. Within this advert it uses the famous actress Helen Mirren, to raise awareness of the oxfamunwrapped appeal . The difference with this advert is that the celebrity figure is included to appeal to viewer, but not to raise the profile of the Oxfam charity. Its purpose as an awareness advert is to raise the issue of the lack of presents given to younger children in areas such as Africa. By using Helen Mirren s the main figure in the advert assists its impact because she is recognisible and many others can relate to her. Therefore adding this benefit to the advert is effective in its overall purpose. The advert appearance is extremely simplistic in colour,form and line and clearly presents a communicative message. Its major importance as a advert is the use of the Helen Mirren image and what it conveys to the viewer. This image appears to have a emotional feeling due to her face expression, and the pose in which she is sitting. Additionally the wrapping bow thing in her mouth also emphasises the connection to presents. As a overall endorsement advert its appeal works effectively to two forms of audience. 
Finally, the crucial element to this poster design is the involvement of Helen Mirren and how it communiciates a message that this issue is serious. 

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