To continue my focus on the use of Endorsement advertising i continued to look at further high profile names such as David Beckham. This advert is for the newly released RAZR  mobile phone that is going to be released by the Motorola brand.The inclusion of David Beckham takes the use of Endorsement advertising to its limits because he is most probably one of most recognisable figures on this world today. By using his status as a high profile name immediately associates himself and the mobile phone to a particular category. Also the connection to himself and the mobile phone also creates an impression on others that they should have this phone because its upmarket and at a level of David Beckham's lifestyle.This imposing nature on society is used throughout many magazine adverts today. The purpose of this advert is to emphasise the word LUXURY EDITION and how it relates to David Beckham therefore labelling it as special. Additionally the pristine appearance of Beckham's face suggests that the mobile phone's appearance is clean,tidy and crisp. 

Throughout the creation of this advert many graphical features have been explored to complement the overall impression of the advert. Initially the luxurious look is enhanced by the use of silky colours in the background and parts of light which are coloured in light gold. In addition the face of David Beckham has been lightened up to emphasise his involvement with the advert. Lastly the overall landscape positioning of the advert has been divided up into three sections to perpectively communciate a clear message. This has been created by separating the phone, David Beckham and the text to somehow form a step by step understanding. 

The adverts unique selling point is clearly the figure of David Beckham and his association to the new mobile phone. As a endorsement advert it evidently presents many interesting features that deceive the viewer effectively. 

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