This is a perfect example of endorsement advertising to promote an event or product. Within  this example it presents the footballer Wayne Rooney celebrating agressively with the english flag painted on his body. By using this pose it suggests that he is supporting recent world cup or other event. Also, it could be possibly representing Rooney as english and therefore creating a patriotic impression to others. Anyhow, by using Rooney in this Nike advert immediately associates the Nike corporation as a major brand in the sporting market.Its association to a well known footballer brands itself to others including younger children as the best brand. The reason why it creates this impression is due to the success of Rooney for example and therefore others believe that if they use the same product, it will give them success too. In addition, having a recoginisable figure in the advert and form a ever-lasting impression on others and its easier to distinguish it from other adverts.  Throughout the advert it uses extremely simplistic devices to create a straightforward message. The effective part to the advert is the use of image and how it has been directed in a impacting manner. It aggressive quality relates to the attitude of Rooney and how it brings him success. Having a determined figure on the advert enables it to symbolically represent Nike as a dominant and strong company within the sporting market. Its choice of two basic colours such as white and red link to the English theme, but also that the Nike brand is clean and precise. Therefore it also shows that if you buy their products, they will be reliable and you will be also. 

The main selling point to the overall advert is the association of Wayne Rooney. Without his presence on the advert, many others would brand NIKE as second rate and not worthwhile. By using his figure enables the company to enforce some importance on their market share. In my opinion the use of image successfully communicates a message. Interestingly the exclusion of typography works well, due to the use of celebrity such as Wayne Rooney. 

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