To conclude my focus on use of fear advertising i once again looked at sm
oking as a issue. This advert by the British Heart Foundation is intended to communicate the message that smoking can cause major damage to our arteries. To emphasise this clearly they have somehow made the inside of cigarette look like fatty deposits. By using such a striking image it emphasises what smoking can do to you. The effect of this advert is due to realisation of what they said in the text and how it relates to the photography massively. By looking at it, the message hits you hard and defintely makes you think how smoking is dangerous. Most importantly the formal elements in this picture such as typography, colour and layout all are used to cause effect. Clearly, the typography appears to be positioned in a transitional format, that makes the viewer read it in a different way. Also various letters within some words are slightly positioned differently to create  visual appeal. Much of the layout is placed centrally and therefore links back to communicating a message at eye level. Lastly, the use of the darker green colour and the lightened centre enlightens the cigarette image. 

The specific part to the advert  that delivers this message is the use of the cigarette image that immediately shocks the viewer. 

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