To express my intial thoughts on the outcome of this project, i began to note down a series of 20 ideas in bullet points. The reason for this was to explore electic ways of approaching the brief.

1. Predominately typographic based around voice of reason things flowing round a particular location. This would represent both celebration and the subject of water.

2. Middle of countryside and a bottle moves creating a good vibe around the surrounding. this would include typography and many things popping out from the ground and the bottle.

3. mini-story element most probably not possible, but person picks up belu water in first person mode and drinks the goodness, and then disposites it into ground with a glowing element etc.

4. Bottle randomly placed in countryside and slowly sinks into ground with facts pouring out, flowing element free flow

5. Bottle character forms from ground and then water pours into in and then pours out in a form of celebration. random characters comical element.

6. Range of clipshots of people drinking belu water, providing goodness for the environment cheerful feeling. camera switches back to polariod view person holding them

7. Looking at the movement of bottle between hands, with various form of typography pouring out. interesting approach.

8. Unusual angle person drinking

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