Focuing o nthe brand image of Belu i loooked at the background of the company contexually and also gathered a range of images from their website. From this i produced a moodboard with all the images and various other texts to create someform of enagagement with my ideas and the brief.Below i will post the series of images and text found relating to the brand image. Also i intend to explore factual information on the environment links realting to biogradables and global warming.

Belu is far more than just bottled water. It was established to address the fact that that a quarter of the world's population still does not access to clean drinking water. 100% of belu's profits go to clean water projects around the world ; in fact we've calculated that every bottle sold provides water for one person for one month - therefore one person alone really can start something good.

Belu has launched the UK'S first biodegradable bottle with the hope that it will trigger a new era of friendly plastics. Made from corn it is compostable in just 12 weeks, hence it is grown from the land and returns to it without leaving a mark.Belu is also the first brand of its kind to measure, reduce and offset all the carbon emissions released in the process of bottling, transporting and disposal of drinking water. Belu was awarded ' social enterprise of the year' by the duke of kent has won design awards for its glass bottles, was the official water at the 2007 live earth concert at wembley and is endorsed by many high profiles individuals including including the singer Bryan Adams. Above, i will present a range of clip shots from the belu website and also additional images relating to the company .

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