Advertising Nando's// below will put the details of the brief and what i need to explore.

Brief: Take Nando's into 21st century by expressing the brand's spirit and passion through viral advertising.

- hit the viral sweet spot, needs to be engaging, addictive and entertaining to encourage the snowball effect of a successful viral marketing campaign

- objectives is to raise general brand awareness, drive traffic to Nando's website and convert non- existing or lapsed customers to visit Nando's restaurant.
- the creative needs to act as a call to action which should include Nando's logo, CLASSICAL CONDITIONING
Brand Values
At the heart of all Nando's communication is the spirit of PERi- PERi. This is the African birds eye chilli that gives Nando's flame grilled chicken its unique and addictive flavour. The spirit of PERi PERi is a term used by Nando to define the brand and comprises words such as IRRESISTABLE , WARM , IRREVERENT, ENERGY, PASSION, EXOTIC, SPICY, RELAXED , JOIE DE VIVRE, GENEROUS, WITTY AND PLAYFUL. These phrases should not be applied literally but the creative should incorporate these sentiments.

Possibly solutions:
Viral creatives are either a video clip( live or animated) or an interactive game. Have elements of humour, engagement and essential forward- ability.

Target Audience :
PRIMARY - Students but without being exclusive to this audience
SECONDARY - Broad; both sexes the young at heart
Much research has shown that Nando's consumers fit into a lifestyle category that works hard plays hard and is ambitious in the work place or while studying. Usually a visit to Nando is often combined with a trip to the cinema or a night out socialising.

This brief therefore needs to be a exciting viral campaign that is unique and impressionable to the viewer. To intially have a understanding into the brand of NANDO i will try and find some contextual information that will prompt further ideas etc. The history will be presented on the next post.

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