On this page i intend to present contexual information that looks at a insight into the NANDO brand. This will include basic written information and screen shots of their website etc. Hopefully i would also like to discover some information that involves opinions and views of the restaurant

Firstly i will write down the background of the company - this is provided on the sheet..


A rapidly growing brand among this emerging ' fast casual' dining sector over the past 15 years, the first Nando's UK restaurant was opened in EALING in 1992. Introduced from SOUTH AFRICA . It was positioned as a branded dining concept to challenge the domiance of poor quality fast food outlets. Nando's maintains an imformal approach to dining - partly self service within a fun and lively atomsphere. There are currently over 160 restaurants in the uk with 35 new ones opening in 2008.Outside of the UK NANDO is present in over 35 countries.

Much of Nando's success has been down to individual restuarants networking within local communities and word of mouth communication between satisfied customers. The digital age has introduced fresh channels by which to exploit the power of such public advocacy and Nando's has yet to tap into this area aside from the website. This is currently being redesigned for a 2007 re-launch and will aim to provide a platform supporting more interactivity and user - generated content.

Hopefully by using this background information it will assist my project in a way which reflects this idea of the brand.
Looking on the official Nando website i found some further information that showed their values and spirit within the brand. This will be presented through a series of screen shots.

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